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Importers and distributors of artisan Spanish food and wine.

Alimentaria was created in 2013 by Frank Camorra, to stock the MoVida kitchens with artisanal Spanish produce that wasn’t available in Australia: sardines, anchovies, wine and, of course, his favourite beer, Moritz.

As the business evolved, Alimentaria came to represent a youthful new wave of Spanish winemakers and food producers, who often employ very traditional techniques that modern technology has put to peril. The portfolio today celebrates producers who are singular representatives of the unique landscapes they farm and the diverse histories of those places.

At the heart of Alimentaria is a desire to find the finest things possible with which to furnish our wine lists and stock our larders. We hope you find delicious things for your cellars and larders here too.

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Meet the Team


Lachlan sponsored a seemingly endless path through university by working in hospitality: at Christine Manfield’s Universal in Sydney, Cutler and Co in Melbourne and, of course, the MoVida restaurants.

After completing his studies, he came to the realisation that drinking wine and travelling around Spain was rather more fun than whatever it was he studied. He promptly took on roles as Sommelier and then General Manager of MoVida Aqui, before coming over to the import company.

When he’s not at the helm of Alimentaria, Lachlan can generally be found eating out, talking about his dog Brock and trying not to think about his HECS debt.

Photo courtesy James Broadway

Lachlan's drinking...

“Dominio del Aguila Picaro Clarete from Ribeira del Duero.”


Joe is the beating heart of Alimentaria, responsible for invoicing, logistics, banking, customer service and literally every part of the company that is important.

Except for choosing the wine, because he pretty much only drinks rosé.

Joe's drinking...

Rosé. Always rosé.”


Tim is the longest serving member of the Alimentaria team and has seen the company evolve from a tiny shed in the boondocks to, well, a tiny shed it Abbotsford. He’s a specialist in Spanish food and particularly brilliant when it comes to the ins and outs of tinned seafood.

When not popping tins of mussels in escabeche, Tim can be found playing bass in one of the few surviving live music venues of inner city Melbourne.

Tim's drinking...

“Forjas del Salnés Albariño, with a tin of Cuca Navajas.”


Salvador was initially created to adorn the walls of MoVida Aqui in Melbourne’s Bourke Street, and has since been co-opted by Alimentaria to serve as mascot and logo.

Since his arrival at Alimentaria, Salvador’s taken on semi-mythical proportions, responsible for most of the things Lachlan, Tim and Joe won’t admit to. Empty bottle of the new Mencía? Salvador. Missing jar of pickles in the warehouse? Salvador. Half-eaten tin of sardines in the fridge? Definitely Salvador.

More recently, he’s become the pet of designer Zoë Barber and developer Ben Lovecek, who take great pleasure in making him surf, fish and generally do things that goats shouldn’t do.

Salvie's drinking...


Cuca Anchovies are back in Stock!

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