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The producer of the fattest, creamiest and sweetest Cantabrian anchovy.

Conservas Emilia was added to our portfolio after a sort of mythic culinary adventure….

Frank Camorra, MoVida’s chef and owner, accompanied by food writer Richard Cornish, set out to find the greatest anchovy in Spain. It’s the sort of Herculean task not meant for the faint of heart – nor the high of blood pressure.

After methodically trawling tapas bars along the north coast and talking to chefs, suppliers and connoisseurs, they finally settled on one particular fishing fleet, which seemed to supply all of the best labels. From there, a side-by-side tasting uncovered Conservas Emilia and we’ve been importing them ever since.

They’re the only anchovy used in the MoVida tapa classic of anchovy with smoked tomato sorbet. Bloody delicious on a pizza too.

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The Region

The coast of Cantabria


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Cantabria is part of an incredibly beautiful section of Spain known as Green Spain. This thin strip of land runs across the north of the country, wedged between the Bay of Biscay and the Sierra Cantabria.

The steep north-facing slopes of the Cantabrian Mountains trap the Atlantic winds, resulting in lots of rain and lush vegetation all over the dramatic valleys and hills that comprise the area.

There’s amazing produce right along the strip: beef, cider, cheese, peppers and wine, but perhaps most importantly, the fisheries in the cold Atlantic waters of the Bay of Biscay hold, in our opinion at least, the greatest anchovies found anywhere in the world.

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