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DJ turned natural-winemaker in Priorat

Fredi Torres is one of the most fascinating and serious winemakers who’s more concerned with what’s happening inside the bottle.

Fredi’s young but he already seems to have lived several lives. He left high school before graduating because his DJ-ing career was taking off. Before he was 18, he’d played in clubs in London, Ibiza, New York and Amsterdam – who’d study for finals when you could
be spinning records alongside Felix da Housecat at Fabric? By 20, he was flying from Spain to New York to shop for vinyl. And by 30, he’d walked away from the lot to go back to school to study viticulture and winemaking.

By the glass at

The Region

Power and Elegance

Priorat & Conca de Barbera

Fredi has collected a series of small parcels around Gratallops for his main wine, a ‘classic’ Priorat but one with atypical drinkability and value. It’s fresh, vibrant, uncluttered by oak and picked without an ounce of excess fruit weight. Pomagrana is a colab between Fredi and the owner of one of Barcelona’s first specialised natural wine stores, (now-sadly-closed) Lectores Vini.

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